AETIONOMY Knowledge base

– a data, disease models and tools repository for the research on Neurodegeneration

AETIONOMY’s Knowledge Base (AKB) is the unification point of the knowledge and data management on Neurodegeneration with a main focus on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. It includes

  • comprehensive overviews on specific public, clinical and OMICS indices relevant to Neurodegeneration;
  • values for such indices at retrospective and prospective studies available at different sites; an
  • available OMICS Data.
KnowledgeBase example
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The obtained analytical results are integrated to the AKB using specific APIs. Both stored data and analytical results supported the creation of disease models.

Finally, a graphical user interface (GUI) is to enable users to analyze the data. Text-mining systems are developed to update the content (concepts; relationships) of disease models. As result of these activities all components for data storage, analytical results management and incorporated data are integrated as a new knowledge platform for Neurodegeneration.

AETIONOMY prospective study – Organising mechanistic knowledge about neurodegenerative diseases for the improvement of drug development and therapy.


NeuroMMSig – Mechanistic interpretation of multiscale, multimodal clinical data#

NeuroMMSig is a knowledge base representing essential pathophysiology mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. Together with dedicated algorithms, this knowledge base forms the basis for a “mechanism-enrichment server” that supports the mechanistic interpretation of multiscale, multimodal clinical data.

NeuroMMSig example
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